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We work with Oil & Gas companies and refineries to ease your operations.

QShield works with you around the clock to secure your gate passes. We create your company profile, your users’ files and apply for your regular gate pass, or a fast track gate pass, so that you focus on what matters.


  • North Gas Field
  • Offshore Oil Fields & Rigs
  • Onshore Oil Fields & Rigs


Having noticed many organizations struggling to find the time and the right methods to stay compliant with the local labor law, QShield offers its outsourcing services to assist you in short term projects, employee migration to Qatar, and payroll services.

There has been increased monitoring by the Qatari government, constant regulatory changes in the employment and migration processes, as well as, the increased workforce demand for the preparation for the World Cup 2022. All of which can be handled by QShield.

QSHIELD Outsourcing Benefits

QShield offers to sponsor your employees and issue their work-visas. This guarantees all the benefits required by Qatar such as health insurance and Wages Protection System (WPS) compliant payroll services. While simultaneously relieving the employee onboarding processes in your company.

Our partnered Employee Relations Service combines employment law, human resources and immigration support to help businesses manage the full spectrum of workplace matters.

Our Goal

Our goal is to help you properly manage potential risks and explore possibilities that will provide long-term, scalable Human Resources benefits.

WPS: Wages Protection System (WPS) is an electronic system introduced by the Ministry of Labor and the Qatar Central Bank (QCB) to monitor and document the payroll process to ensure employees receive their salaries in full and ontime. Full compliance with the WPS regulations is mandatory for all companies in Qatar.

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