up to 97% profit.
Government relations.
immigration consultation.

Partnering up with a company instead of an individual grants you the assurance, stability and protection you need for your investment to thrive. Plus, you get full access to QShield’s expertise in local laws and regulations to efficiently set up a compliant corporation.


Before you start a business in Qatar, you should carefully consider what you want to do here.

Expats may find the process to be costly and complicated. Furthermore, foreigners can only own 49 percent of a corporation in particular sectors. The remaining 51% must be controlled by a Qatari shareholder.

How can we help you?

QShield offers a fully-fledged, investor-friendly solution to start or expand your existing business with ease. Through QShield, we become your local 51% Qatari shareholder. Even though you own 49% of the company; you can still earn up to 97% of the net profit.


Company Setup

We assist you in all government-related services.

employee services

We assist in your employees immigration services.

Labour quota

Apply and amend your company’s labour quota.


We will outline and attest the revenue sharing agreement.

Types of companies to choose from

In Qatar, there are numerous ways to conduct business. Whether you choose to set up a Limited Liability Company (LLC), a Branch Office or a Representative Office, QShield provides assistance to all types of corporations.

what are associated risks, for both parties?

The safest and most secure option is to form a beneficial partnership with a corporation whose primary goal is to assist foreigners in forming a company in Qatar.

Legally, both parties take significant risks if the partnership fails; whether in debt and financial irregularities.

Due diligence is needed up front to recognize, prevent, and minimize any financial risks, negative human rights and environmental impacts in the company’s operations.